The Little Studio With The Big Heart

Meet The Principals
We have a varied and diverse background.

    Melissa Martin
Melissa Martin is an award winning producer/writer director working in independent film and theatre. She is the Producer/Writer/Director of The Bread, My Sweet, a critically acclaimed, award winning, commercially successful independent film. An award winner on the film festival scene, The Bread, My Sweet screened at more than twenty festivals, was a featured film in Chris Gore's Film Festival Survival Guide, and was released theatrically nationwide. It was distributed worldwide by Fox International, on DVD by Universal/Screen Media, and on ShowTime, Starz, The Sundance Channel and network television.

Martin is the writer, director, and co-creator of The Honorable (in post-production), a web series featuring David Conrad (star of Ghost Whisperer). Dog Bytes, a web series on which Martin is the writer and director, has garnered international attention, and screened at more than twenty film festivals, among them Berlin and Cape Fear. Flour Baby, a short Martin directed also screened at multiple film festivals. Another short film, Paper Umbrellas, is just beginning its festival life and a brand new web series, I'll Call You, gathers velocity and great reviews.  A pilot, Come With Me, based on the web series, is nearing completion.

Martin directs and writes for live theatre as well; A Steady Rain (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette top 10 of the year) and A Streetcar Named Desire (Post-Gazette top plays of the year) are among her credits. Martin is slated to direct One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in the spring of 2016. She teaches Graduate Screenwriting at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Drama and Acting for Management for Carnegie Mellon's Heinz School of Management.
    Mark Knobil
Mark Knobil has been a Cinematographer for National Geographic, Nova, Discovery, Nature and HBO. He has a particular passion for the land and cityscapes of South Western Pennsylvania. The Bread, My Sweet, shot with Melissa Martin, was a cinematic feast of his lush images. His delivery of Pittsburgh's Strip District, its architecture, food and people made the film the indie stand-out that it is.

His work includes, but is not limited to, the following: Nova: Secrets of the Viking Sword, and Car of the Future. For National Geographic Explorer: Solitary Confinement, Sex, Lies, & Gender, The Virus Hunters, Marijuana Nation, Science of Cats, Border Ward, Inside the Body Trade. Also for National Geographic, the critically acclaimed film, Skin and National Geographic Specials, Mysteries of Mankind. For HBO First Look, The Making of Girl Interrupted, for Nature, Raptor Force and Animals Behaving Worse. Other documentaries include: Doomsday Earth: Mega Tsunami Border Wars, for Inside, KKK: Inside American Terror, for the Emmy Award winning series P.O.V., New Muslim Cool, a mini-series, Rx for Survival: A Global Health Challenge (Brad Pitt) and My Tale of Two Cities.
    Don Ammon
Don's semi-autobiographical short story, On Geraci's Corner, was adapted with co-writer, Kris Veenis, to become Steeltown Entertainment's award-winning indie feature screenplay, Summerlings.

Don was raised in the Southwestern Pennsylvania town of Trafford, one town away from Pitcairn where Summerlings is set. In 1986, he earned a BA, as well as the Award for Excellence in English at St. Vincent College. Don also studied poetry and creative writing at Trinity College in Carmarthen, Wales. He earned an MA in Communications and graduated with High Honors from California University of PA in 1997. His thesis project, Creating a Mixed Media Poetry Reading: My Creative Process, was a staged performance piece. Don wrote, videotaped, edited, produced and performed this live poetry reading, The White Circle, surrounded by eight televisions which displayed the videos he created to accompany each of the twenty poems. He taught two Communication classes, Publication Production and Electronic Media at Saint Vincent College from 2000-2005 and Seminar in Thinking and Writing at Seton Hill University from 2003-2006. He is the author of an unpublished manuscript, The Knight of Swords and a one act play, The Moth Eaters. He worked at Out magazine occasionally as a writer, but predominately doing proofreading, lay-out and paste-up.
    Kristopher Veenis
Kris was a producer on the Award Winning documentary film A Shot to Save the World, which premiered on the Smithsonian Channel in 2013 and produced EPK materials for the feature film A New York Heartbeat (starring Eric Roberts). He has produced work for a diverse group of performing artists and nonprofit organizations including Attack Theater, Microscopic Opera, Holy Family Institute, The Grable Foundation, The University of Pittsburgh and Steeltown Entertainment Project. He has also worked and mentored with Los Angeles based filmmakers Laura Davis, Tjardus Greidanus and Rusty Cundiff on three separate film projects.

While attending St. Vincent College he met his writing partner Don Ammon who introduced him to a short story he wrote titled On Geraci's Corner. The two have adapted this short story into the screenplay, Summerlings.
    Peter Karlovich
Executive Producer
Mr. Karlovich has over 30 years of varied and in-depth experience in the business and technical worlds. Having earned a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh, Mr. Karlovich was a co-founder of a successful technology venture which served the international transportation industry. Mr. Karlovich and his two partners built this business from the ground up to become the worldwide leader in their niche market, delivering back-office automation services to the world's container ship operators, as well as shipping and pricing information to the multi-national customers of these operators. The company was acquired by another transportation services provider and continues to operate as that firm's largest U.S. subsidiary.

Mr. Karlovich brings extensive executive and entrepreneur skills to Sulfur Creek Productions. He is experienced in organization development, system and process architecture, operations and technology. He has a strong background in planning, design, budgeting, problem solving and P&L management. His demonstrated record of developing and implementing solutions to complex, multidimensional problems was a key factor in the success of his former venture, where he served at various times as VP Technology Development, VP Operations, COO and CIO.

Since leaving the software services business, Mr. Karlovich and his husband Steven Herforth, have been engaged in a variety of new ventures and activities, including a gay men's club, construction of an architecturally unique home with a commanding view of downtown Pittsburgh, host and sponsor of numerous fundraising events for local charities, health and medical foundations, arts groups, theater companies, and others. Additionally Mr. Karlovich and his husband started a real estate development company which purchases and rehabilitates neglected and underutilized properties for resale and/or rental and most recently opened and operate an upscale dance/nightclub.